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World cruise on the Dawn Princess starting in Sydney on May 21, 2010 and sailing west around the world for 104 days.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dawn Princess World Cruise 2010 - Tuesday June 1, 2010

Day 12 Borneo approaching Singapore

We are now in the northern hemisphere and have a certificate to say that we crossed the equator at 3.00 pm today. If you have never crossed the equator before, you are called a pollywog and must endure the initiation rites. Bill and I claimed that we had crossed the equator many times (by air). King Neptune with his trident and entourage supervised the initiation. This involved some ghastly kissing of fish and being covered with what looked like wet spaghetti and whipped cream. During this ceremony the ship’s band played and this was the best part of the show because the band, which consists of a pianist, a trumpeter, a trombonist and a guy on the electric guitar, is very good. We went to a lecture on Malaysia today. The average age of the population here is only 25 which is even less than for Indonesia. As I walked the promenade deck for exercise there were a number of fishing boats and cargo ships to be seen, even though there was no land to be seen. It is obvious from the activity on the water, that we are approaching Singapore. Later tonight we are going to watch the classic movie, It Happened One Night, which won five major Academy Awards in the 1930’s. (Barbara)

Fish to be kissed
Dawn Princess Band

Pollywog Pirate

King Neptune

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