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World cruise on the Dawn Princess starting in Sydney on May 21, 2010 and sailing west around the world for 104 days.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dawn Princess World Cruise 2010 - Wednesday June 2, 2010

Day 13 Singapore

Since we spent several days in Singapore last year, we decided to just do our own thing around the port. There is an enormous shopping centre close to where the ship berthed, so we did some shopping for a few hours ad then returned to the ship. I spent an hour as the sole occupant of one of the swimming pools and as I swam up and down I listened to music by Hayden. Tonight, Bill and I went on deck to watch as we left Singapore harbour, just on sunset. We could not believe the huge number of ships lined up to collect cargo. It made our Newcastle seem bereft of cargo ships. As we left Singapore, we passed Superstar Virgo coming in to dock. After sailing out of Singapore harbour, we went to a small Italian restaurant to have dinner by ourselves. We are now in our rooms updating our blog, but will go to the 9.45 show by the Dawn Princess Dancers. Tonight’s show is called “Thank You for the Music” (Barbara) I went back to Singapore this afternoon to make use of their free high speed wifi network to update the Kilbaha Website ( Registration for this network is easy but requires a local Singapore mobile number to receive the password. A local in Maccas very kindly loaned me his phone number. Later I did laps in the main pool on the ship at 5 pm instead of gym. No one else was in the pool at the time. Usually, it is important to wear goggles while swimming in the ship’s pools to make sure you don’t bump into very slow moving swimmers. (Blog delayed by slow connection) Bill
Photos from Singapore Harbour arriving and leaving and at Harbour City.

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