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World cruise on the Dawn Princess starting in Sydney on May 21, 2010 and sailing west around the world for 104 days.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dawn Princess World Cruise 2010 - Monday July 26, 2010

Day 66 New York to the Bermuda Triangle ooooooooh!
Today we sailed in a South Easterly direction as far as Bermuda. As we travel south, the weather is becoming warmer and tonight is quite balmy with a full moon. We learnt the jive today, and tonight we met the cruise director’s mother, Italia, who is on board for this section of the cruise. She will disembark in L.A. She has been a dance examiner and lived in South Africa for many years when she was married to a South African and helps out at dance classes. Her daughter who still lives in South Africa has to pay exorbitant fees for visas to get into England to visit her mother. I wonder when Australians will have to pay for visas to get into England? Tonight we went to a show by Peter Mezoian from Maine. Peter played the banjo with the backing of the ship’s band. He played some Blue Grass, some Rogers and Hammerstein numbers and some Simon and Garfunkle numbers. I enjoyed the show. So far we have had pirate paranoia, Titanic terrors and now Bermuda Triangle theories. I hope we are still here tomorrow night to continue this blog. (Barbara) As usual the gym is full the day after the beginning of a section of the cruise. About 300 new people embarked in New York. This will last a couple of days and then only the regulars will be there. The banjo performer this evening was extremely talented but I think that some tunes are not really suited to the sound of this instrument. We had a lovely email to read at dinner tonight from one of the previous members of table 91. She left us in Southampton to continue her adventures in Europe. It sounds like she is having a great time and will actually arrive back in Australia after us. We now have 8 at our table after one of our members has been allowed by the new accommodating MaĆ®tre d’ to join her friends elsewhere. We had another birthday party tonight. By this time in the cruise, 3 people on our table have celebrated birthdays. Business is getting quite busy with schools up and running for term 3. One of the most fascinating aspects of this is making do without a printer. When forced into this situation, it is quite easy to adapt by always using electronic pdf copies of files and storing them as one would organize pieces of paper. Perhaps the paperless office is possible! Another critical part of this travelling office is backing up each day. This needs to be done using a small, high capacity external hard drive and a cyber space resource such as Dropbox ( which stores files online. Anyway, so far so good and the customers seem to be happy which, of course, is the critical test. (Bill)

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