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World cruise on the Dawn Princess starting in Sydney on May 21, 2010 and sailing west around the world for 104 days.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dawn Princess World Cruise 2010 - Sailing out of Gibraltar Special Post

Our dog is very kindly being cared for by Tim Healy and family while we are away.

This is their take on "Lottie's Holiday".
Authors unknown (fictitious)

Long holiday at the cousins starting at Kew on May 7, 2010 and travelling south-west for 10km to Ashburton and staying there for 124 days.
Tuesday July 10, 2010
Day 65 Hanging Around
Well, today wasn’t much different from yesterday to tell you the truth. The day always seems to start in the same way. They get a roll of plastic thrown into their front yard as well every morning. It also seems to make them happy if I pick it up and bring it in. Sometimes they give a “Schmacko” for my trouble. Quite nice – can’t say I go “Wacko” though. I must complain about the other animals here. They have this annoying grey thing which wants to ambush me when I walk around. The photo below does NOT represent my relationship with this entity. It was a set up. The other animal is black and white fat thing that thankfully keeps its distance. It must think I will attack it. Haw . haw – it hasn’t heard of the golden retriever code of non-violence. I think the late incumbent used to give it a hard time. I usually can get my own way by barking. Barking to go out – barking to come in – barking to get some tit bit from the table. I am always very careful to make each bark type clearly distinguishable but judging by THEIR reaction, they haven’t got a clue. So I need to employ a bit of dog language for dummies – like carrying and dropping my bowl when I’m hungry. They love it. It IS a good trick isn’t it. It doesn’t even seem to bother them that the bowl I pick up is half full of food or even water. Of course, it spills all over the floor – but what can you do? I get a couple of outings on the lead each day. It’s a nice diversion – but I like to remain in complete control. Mostly I humour the person on the other end of the lead by following them, but I won’t put up with any nonsense. The walk must not be too long or too short. It’s then that they find out how hard it is too move 40kg dead weight of dog against its will. They seem understand my tail language when nature calls. The curled tail is no problem. The straight tail means they need to reach for the plastic bag. I don’t know why they want to take it home with them. I think it’s yucky! I’ll never understand humans. (Lottie) When is this huge yellow oaf going home? I like to sit near the fire or on a human lap in the winter time. I just can’t relax when it’s around. (Piper). We love having her (The Humans).

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  1. glad to see your dog is being cared for as well as you are LOL

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